Considerations when hiring us


Why should you hire us?


  • There is no one that will be more passionate about your case.  My clients become friends, and their problems are my problems.  I don't just litigate on your behalf - I lose sleep at night making sure that I've left no stone unturned in litigating your case.  

  • We use only the best attorneys and staff on your cases.  Having left big firms, we don't have any quotas or billing minimums to meet.  We won't just churn hours on your case or assign someone who has nothing to do.  If the size of the case warrants it, we can bring in additional of counsel or contract attorneys or staff to help work on the case.  These will only be highly experienced attorneys or paralegals, most of them with whom I've worked for ten years or more.  This is what enables us, as a small firm, to litigate successfully against firms of all sizes, at reasonable rates.

  • Whether it's litigation or business counseling, we are problem solvers.  We work at figuring out ways to make things happen, while protecting you and your business from liability.


When we might not be a good fit:


  • If you're looking for a firm that will bend the lines, we're not the firm for you.  We will represent you zealously, passionately and creatively, but we won't be involved with a client lying under oath, concealing documents or misrepresenting the law to a court.  If you want to be a client, we need you to be completely open and honest so that we can do the best job on our end.  Credibility and integrity are important to us.

  • If you want a large law firm or one that is formal, we wouldn't be a good fit.  All of the attorneys who work on our cases have been trained at top, large law firms, but we left those settings in order to have more flexibility and pick and choose our clients.  Many of our attorneys have flexible working arrangements, which enables us to attract top talent while minimizing overhead costs and passing those savings on to you.  Our work remains the same - top notch.

  • We don't handle certain kinds of matters, such as securities registrations, bankruptcy work, patent prosecution (registering or filing for patents or copyrights), incorporating a business, etc.  We would be happy to refer you to attorneys who handle these matters.

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